Bio Oil Benefits, Reviews, Price And Ingredients

Bio Oil | Stretch Marks | Acne | Uneven Skin Tone | Beauty | Skin | Beautiful | Kacy | Kacyworld |

Bio oil has become the world’s leading scar and stretch mark product which is a relief for so many of us. And Bio Oil Benefits are not hidden in any sort.

And especially being a girl it is sometimes frustrating to see those stretch marks, acne scars, uneven skin tone and ageing skin. But Bio Oil is savior for us girls. Trust us when we say so because we tried this product and it is really a reliable product for your problems.

What Is Bio Oil?Bio Oil | Stretch Marks | Acne | Uneven Skin Tone | Beauty | Skin | Beautiful | Kacy | Kacyworld |

Bio oil is formulated to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone and ageing skin.

So Firstly let’s just tell you about Bio Oil Benefits in short,

6 Major Bio Oil Benefits

1. Bio Oil For Pregnancy Stretch Marks

2. Bio Oil For Skin Lightening

3. Bio Oil For Face Wrinkles

4. Bio Oil For Scars ( it can be acne scars or any other one )

5. Bio Oil For Stretch Marks

6. Bio Oil For Face Ageing and uneven skin tone.

Read Further to know more about Bio Oil Benefits and Reviews in Detail.

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Bio Oil Ingredients

Bio Oil | Stretch Marks | Acne | Uneven Skin Tone | Beauty | Skin | Beautiful | Kacy | Kacyworld |

1. Lavender Oil – It is used for treating acne & wrinkles. It is also known as healing process booster.

2. Vitamin A & E – It repairs and prevents the dry skin and also prevent wrinkles.

3. Calendula Oil – It act as a moisturizer for skin.

4. PurCellin Oil – It makes the whole oil very light and non- greasy that makes it easy to apply.

Can You Use Bio Oil On Your Hair?

Yes, You can use Bio Oil on your hair. Apply bio oil on your hair ends daily to prevent split ends and frizziness.

Can Bio Oil Remove Old Stretch Marks?

Bio Oil only claims to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks. And if your stretch marks are way too old then it will take more time than usual to reduce their appearance.

Bio Oil Price

Rs 295 for 60 ML, Rs 516 for 125 ML, Rs 720 For 200 ML.

Bio Oil 60 Ml :  BUY HERE

Bio Oil 125 Ml :  BUY HERE

Bio Oil 200 Ml :  BUY HERE

When Should I Use Bio Oil?

As soon as you see some stretch marks or any kind of scar, use Bio oil to prevent them from getting darker day by day. Apply Bio Oil twice a day daily for bets results.

Can Bio Oil Be Used For Oily Skin?

Yes, Bio Oil can be used for oily skin. Bio Oil can prevent your pores from clogging and will reduce the appearance of acne scars and pimples.

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How To Apply Bio Oil

1. Wash your skin thoroughly and pat it dry.

2. Then apply bio oil on the affected areas and massage in circular motion for 5 minutes.

3. Do this twice a day for 3 months.

4. Apply like this for any problem, whether be it pregnancy stretch marks or acne scars.

Should I Put Bio Oil On, Before or After Moisturiser?

You should apply Bio Oil Before applying moisturiser. Your skin needs to be purely clean to absorb bio oil completely. Moisturiser will not allow your skin to absorb bio oil by create a smooth layer on your skin.

Now i will review Bio Oil Benefits for different problems like Acne Scars, Stretch Marks And Face wrinkles and dullness.

Bio Oil Review For Stretch Marks

Bio Oil | Stretch Marks | Acne | Uneven Skin Tone | Beauty | Skin | Beautiful | Kacy | Kacyworld |

When I lost some weight I saw some stretch marks on my skin which was not there before. I was worried because it was embarrassing. I got stretch marks on my tummy and shoulder. Shoulder’s stretch marks were really annoying for me. I literally stopped wearing cut sleeves tops.

Being fed up of these stretch marks, I decide to give BioOil a try, as Bio Oil Benefits are known by everyone.

I started using it twice a day daily.

And after one month when I didn’t saw any change in appearance of my stretch marks, I was shattered and stopped using it.

Then same day, I opened some site regarding bio oil, and then I got to know that I need to use it for 3 months continuously for the desirable results.

I again decided to start the process and trust me it was really a long process but worth it. After 2 months I got to see that my stretch marks were less visible than before. I was happy and continued it for one more month. And after 3 months, my stretch marks were not fully gone but are least visible now.

I will surely recommend everyone this product because it worked really well for me.

Is Bio Oil Really Effective?

Yes, Bio Oil is really effective product. it can help in lighten dark spots, wrinkles and stretch marks. But only try it if you have patience for the results.

One more thing, don’t expect that your stretch marks will remove completely. Because Bio Oil only claims to reduce their appearance not completely remove them and in my opinion it does what it claims really well.

Can Bio Oil Be Used On Acne Scars?

Yes, Bio Oil can be used on acne scars. Apply 1-2 drops of bio oil on your acne scars twice a day for at least 3 months.

Bio Oil Review For ScarsBio Oil | Bio Oil Benefits| Stretch Marks | Acne | Uneven Skin Tone | Beauty | Skin | Beautiful | Kacy | Kacyworld |

I really have an oily skin and you all know what oily skin means, acne, pimples and clogged pores.

My acne can get worst at any time, and their scars are my best friend. they never leave me alone not even a single day.

I started Bio Oil on my face also, and it feels like i am using it on my whole body now.

But to my surprise, it did actually work. I Only applied a drop or two of Bio Oil twice a day.

After 3 Months, My Scars are least visible now and I am really happy with this amazing product.

Is Bio Oil Safe For Your Face?

Yes, Bio Oil is definitely safe for your face, you can use Bio Oil for different purpose like for acne scars, for wrinkles, for uneven skin tone etc.

Bio Oil Review For Face

Applying Bio Oil on face not only reduced the appearance of scars on my face, but it also evens out my uneven skin tone.

My skin begin to glow like never before, and Somewhere i feel it also protected my face from harmful UV rays and tanning.

So, yes it actually worked for me. and I will surely recommend Bio Oil For Everyone out there.

How Long Does Bio Oil Take To Work?

Bio Oil needs at least 3 months to show noticeable results. You need to apply this daily twice a day for continuous 3 months and you will not regret the time and money you invest in this product.

Side Effects Of Bio Oil

Bio Oil Doesn’t have any significant side effect, only those who have really sensitive skin can see some sort of itching and redness. And if you do see that stop using this immediately.

So, Girls, Now you know all kind of Bio Oil Benefits, so  give it a try and if you ever tried this let us know how it worked for you and inspire other people.

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