Lotus Jojoba Face Wash Review, Price And Benefits

Hey Girls! Today I am going to review Lotus Jojoba Face Wash.

It is the best face wash which is suited for every skin type, whether you have oily skin or dry ski, this is the one for you.

It will also nourish your skin with its active milli capsules, which is the best thing it have.

Excited to know more about this amazing Lotus Herbals face wash?

Read Further to know more about this amazing product in detail.

Lotus Jojoba Face Wash Description

Lotus Herbals Jojoba Wash Active Milli Capsules Nourishing Face Wash,

The innovative milli capsules present in this premium face wash not only just cleanses your face but also nourish it.

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Which is the best face wash for glowing skin?

To get glowing skin, you must need to stick on one face wash. you can go for Lotus herbals face wash or Biotique or even Kama Ayurveda if you can afford. But most of the above, you need to be fit from inside to get glowing skin outside.

Active IngredientsLotus Herbals Jojoba Nourishing Face Wash | Review | Herbals | Lotus | Face | Skin | Kacy | Kacyworld | Kacy Beauty |

1. Jojoba – Gently cleanses, natural moisturizer, provides deep skin nourishment.

2. Avocado – Makes skin soft and supple.

3. Vitamin E  – Prevents water loss from the skin.

How To Use Lotus Jojoba Face Wash

1. Squeeze a small amount on wet palm of your hand.

2. Crush milli capsules and work out lather.

3. Apply on your face with circular motion.

4. Wash off with cold water and moisturize afterwards.

Lotus Jojoba Face Wash Price – Rs 135/-

Lotus Jojoba Face Wash Online Buy Now

What can i drink to get clear skin?

To get clear skin, you can drink Patanjali Aloe Vera Juice, Patanjali Amla Juice, Green tea, Lemon & Honey water. All these drinks can help remove toxins from your body and leave you with clear glowing skin.

My Review On Lotus Jojoba Face WashLotus Herbals Jojoba Nourishing Face Wash | Review | Herbals | Lotus | Face | Skin | Kacy | Kacyworld | Kacy Beauty |

I got to know about this face wash when I was searching about Avocado.

Avocado is its active ingredient, And yes avocado is very good for dry skin.

Lotus Herbals always give satisfactory products, So I thought of buying this.

It was affordable and easy available.

It comes in a long yellow tube and is very much travel friendly.

Everything is written over the back side of the tube, which makes it customer friendly also.

When I first used it, I didn’t like the fragrance, But I like the milli capsules present in it.

It feels like scrubbing your face.

When I wash if off, I notice it didn’t brighten my skin, But it made my skin soft and supple.

It feels refreshing after using this face wash. I use it daily twice a day, and it is amazing.

And yes, its one tube can be used for more than a month easily. so, no worries of buying it again and again.

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Does Drinking water helps your skin?

Yes, drinking water can help your skin in so many ways. It will remove toxins from your body and can make your blood circulation. So, yes drink at least 8 glass of water per day for better skin.

Lotus Jojoba Face Wash Benefits

1. It is easy available and highly affordable, which most of the lotus herbals products are.

2. Small flexible tube makes it very much Travel friendly.

3. Everything mentioned over the tube such as ingredients and how to use it.

4. No fake promises, do what it claims.

5. Fragrance, which I don’t like personally may suit most of the other people who don’t like strong fragrance.

6. Its consistency which make even a small amount to work properly, but sometimes it can waste a bit of product,

Would I Recommend This?

Yes, i strongly recommend Lotus Jojoba Face wash to everybody out there.

Ratings – 4/5

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