Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Destinations In Delhi

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Pre wedding photo shoot has now become a ritual than a choice.

Everyone is getting mad over pre wedding photos and videos.

You are all set for your shoot. You and your partner are ready, your photographer is ready but the main problem is which place is suitable for the most special photo shoot of your life.

Obviously, everyone wants to make their photo shoot a little special and a cozy one.

You want a place where you can get privacy with your partner and get comfortable for those perfect shots.

Delhi with its historic past and old monuments provides awesome locations for some great photo and video shoots.

Here is a list of top 5 places in Delhi for your Pre Wedding Photoshoot.

1.Garden Of Five Senses For Pre Wedding Photo Shoot: –Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Destinations In Delhi |Surajkund | Pre Wedding | Photo | Shoot | Wedding | Kacy | Kacyworld | photography | Garden Of Five Senses | Garden | Saket | Delhi |

Most beautiful place in Saket (South Delhi) is garden of five senses.

This is perfect location for your pre wedding photo shoot. The beauty of this place is its beautiful flowers, waterfalls and water pool with lotuses.

This is a huge place where you can get so many pictures with different backdrops.

This garden also have small monument like structures which will give you different background for every photo you click.

This place is famous for couples hence you will not get uncomfortable.

It has washroom also so you can change your dresses there for different photos.

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2. Hauz Khas Village Fort For Pre Wedding Photo Shoot: –Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Destinations In Delhi |Surajkund | Pre Wedding | Photo | Shoot | Wedding | Kacy | Kacyworld | photography | Delhi | Hauz Khas | Park | Deer | Lake | South Delhi |

The fort and park in Hauz khas has always been a favorite spot for wedding photographers and couples alike.

This beautiful place has small rides in it where you can get funny photos of yours with your partner.

A beautiful pond is also there for the perfect shot you want. This place has long trees for your romantic photo shoot.

In Short, this is a place where you can get your dream photos.

3.Lodi Garden For Pre Wedding Photo Shoot: –Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Destinations In Delhi |Surajkund | Pre Wedding | Photo | Shoot | Wedding | Kacy | Kacyworld | photography | Lodi | Garden | Delhi | Dream Photos | Couple |

It is located near the Safdarjung tomb and khan market of Delhi.

This is a luscious garden that will be perfect for your shoot. The soothing greenery of this place is a sight to sore eyes.

The ambience and sunset here combined with the view of intricate historic beauty is worth cherishing.

A scenic bridge, perfect sun rays and a skilled photographer, your pictures will come out just perfect.

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4.Perfect Location For Pre Wedding Photo Shoot: –Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Destinations In Delhi |Surajkund | Pre Wedding | Photo | Shoot | Wedding | Kacy | Kacyworld | photography | Faridabad | Perfect | Perfect Location| Couple |

The name itself resembles the place, this is situated in Faridabad. This place just not offers you the privacy but also the changing room for your dresses.

The interior of this place is both man made and natural that will make your pictures look natural as well as adorable. A beautiful place for a beautiful couple photo shoots.

5. Surajkund For Pre Wedding Photo Shoot: –Pre Wedding Photo Shoot Destinations In Delhi |Surajkund | Pre Wedding | Photo | Shoot | Wedding | Kacy | Kacyworld | photography |

This is located in Faridabad, a place where you can get everything you want in a photograph. Beautiful lake, resorts and feeling of natural heritage makes this place a perfect one.

Although this place is a little far from Delhi but trust us this place is worth your one hour long drive

Now, get your perfect pre wedding shoot in Delhi, in any of these beautiful locations for a perfect photo album!

Now You are ready with your perfect location, now you will worry about the perfect poses and dresses for your Pre Wedding Photo shoot.

Pre Wedding PhotoShoot Poses: –

There are so many poses which you can make to get that one shot.

But it is a photo shoot and one picture is not enough.

so want to know some beautiful and romantic poses for your picture perfect?

Getting the most beautiful picture is all about chemistry and love between both of you.

so don’t worry if the poses doesn’t seem to be perfect, just be comfortable and your photos will speak about your chemistry.

Here are some Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas!

1. Titanic Pose: –

It is the most famous pose and the most romantic one also.

you just need to feel the love of your partner in the air.

and then, your perfect shot is ready!

2. Kiss On Forehead: –

Kiss On Forehead means Forever, and what else you want from your partner?

and if that moment got captured, you will cherish that for the rest of your life.

3. Hug From Behind: –

Hug From Behind is just so romantic, it will show how comfortable you are with your partner.

A beautiful couple Hugging each other on a beautiful place.

What a perfect photo it will make!

4. Walking Hand In Hand: –

That one perfect candid shot, where you are holding your partner’s hand and walking feeling so secured and safe.

And yes! candids are always the best.

5. Dancing Photo: –

Dancing together means you both don’t care about the rest of the World and just enjoying that moment with each other.

that one cozy dancing Photo can be the best one!

so, here are some of the best Poses for your Photo shoot!

Now, you have the Perfect Destination, Perfect Partner, Perfect Photographer And Perfect Poses!

Now you will worry about what to wear?

Now let just make you free of this confusion as well!

Pre Wedding PhotoShoot Dresses: –

When going for Pre Wedding PhotoShoot, always try to wear same colors outfits.

You both will look cute together!

so, girls here are some ideas for you!

1. Saree For Girls: –

The most Elegant and beautiful attire that will really make you look so graceful and poised.

you must have wore western outfits and other dresses in your life for sure!

then Why not go for something traditional for your most memorable photo shoot.

Go for simple and elegant saree for your perfect day!

2. Beautiful Evening Gowns: –

Evening Gowns can be the best one for the perfect Picture.

wear burgundy or black colored Beautiful evening gown and you will fell like the princess in your Photos.

3. Patiala Salwar Suit: –

want something ethnic yet stylish! go for patiala Salwar suit.

you will feel comfortable and beautiful as well.

because nothing can beat that punajbi tadka!

4. Anarkali Frock Suit: –

Imagine, your perfect shot with this Perfect anarkali frock suit.

your dancing pose will look perfect with this amazing outfit.

5. Midi Dress: –

Want romantic photo shoot? go for midi dress.

you will be really comfortable in this and cozy as well.

so girls, these are the Pre Wedding Photoshoot Dresses.

Now you are ready with everything you want for pre wedding photoshoot.

go and get your perfect photoshoot done right.

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