Pretty 24 Cream Price, Review, Uses And Side Effects

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You must need to agree that Vini Pretty 24 Cream Review is a must awaited review of all times.

Vini Pretty 24 is currently on everyone’s mouth for its bold and new advertisement.

It is the new product launched by the Fogg deodorants makers with the tagline fairness is not everything.

But before using any new product, somewhere we all want Pretty 24 Cream review before using it.

As it is the matter of face for which any girl will not prefer to use it for the first time.

So we bought this cream and used it and now are writing Pretty 24 Cream Review for all of you. Hope it will help you!

Let us first tell you about this Pretty 24 Cream.

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About Pretty 24 Cream

Pretty 24 | Skin | Face | Beauty | Day Cream | Night Cream | Skin Types | Glowing Skin | Vini | Fogg | Kacy | Kacy Beauty | Kacy World |



Homegrown personal care company Vini Cosmetics that makes Fogg deodorants has launched Pretty 24,

A face cream that promoter Darshan Patel says would debunk fairness “myth” propagated by various skin care brands.

“Pretty 24 would liberate Indian women from the discrimination faced on the basis of skin tone,”

Personal Skincare brands have all along made consumers believe that one can achieve fairness through application of skin creams.

But one can never change one’s skin tone.

One may minimise or repair the damage caused by ageing and pollution, but never change the tone, he said.

“While it may be one’s desire to be fair, but you cannot ride on desire that will only bring in disappointment.

There is no market for me today because every brand in the category has convinced the consumer that they need to look fair to be successful in life.

But I hope to debunk those myths,” he said.

Pretty 24 is for all skin tone-types and does not make any claim to change skin tones.

What Vini Pretty 24 Cream Claims To Do?

Pretty 24 Cream is a rejuvenating cream which is suitable for all skin tones and types without giving dry skin and nasty patches on face. It contains no harmful ingredients or bleach.

Key Ingredients Of Pretty 24 Cream

1. Hydrogenated Olive Oil – it is a rich source of anti oxidants and act as a defoaming agent. It conditions skin and provide soft and subtle texture.

2. Methyl Paraben – prevents the growth of harmful bacteria.

3. Lactic Acid – It is a powerful agent that helps reduces acne breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

4. Sunflower Seed Oil – It helps skin to retain moisture and replenish it and also provide glowing skin.

5. Citric Acid – It adjust the acidity of product and promotes skin peeling and prevents re-growth of any harmful bacteria.

How To Use Pretty 24 Cream

1. Cleanse your face and dry with towel

2. Then apply this cream

3. If necessary apply twice a day.

Pretty 24 Cream Price – Rs 150/-

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Pretty 24 Cream Review

Pretty 24 | Skin | Face | Beauty | Day Cream | Night Cream | Skin Types | Glowing Skin | Vini | Fogg | Kacy | Kacy Beauty | Kacy World |

Being a sufferer of oily skin I always let myself away from these beauty creams as 99% of them are oily and greasy which has tendency to make the oily skin situation a worst one for me.

Then I came to know about this Vini Pretty 24, its advertisement was really convincing for me. I decided to give it a try.

It cost me 150 bucks for 40g tube, which is easily affordable.

I applied this on my face and to my surprise this cream is not at all oily and greasy like any other cream.

In fact this had given a cooling sensation to my skin. It moisturized my skin and guess what it lasted for whole day without making my face look oilier.

It doesn’t feel heavy on my face after applying pretty 24 and doesn’t make my face look white and dry, which is the best part of this cream.

Also this cream doesn’t have any side effect for me. So yes I will give it full points as it is so far the best cream that suited my skin so well.

I must recommend you all to try this Vini Pretty 24 Cream.

TIP – Use it as both day and night cream. Apply it in the morning first and again at night for best results of it.

Pretty 24 Cream Benefits

1. Highly Affordable

2. Easy Available

3. Do what it claims

4. No added chemicals for fake fairness

5. Travel friendly

Pretty 24 Cream Side Effects

1. Does not feel any side effect till now, but if you have highly sensitive skin so please consult your dermatologist before using this cream.

2. Will not recommend Pretty 24 for kid below age of 12.

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