Blog Contributor Guidelines

These guest post guidelines will ensure that you optimize your work so that it resonates with our audience, A post on the KacyWorld blog will be bylined with a brief biography, linking back to your website (or other online presence).We’ll also introduce you to our monthly audience of 30,000 readers. Ready to submit? We consider guest posts that are:

  1. Usable Indefinitely  By agreeing to have your post published on our blog, you understand that your post will remain on our site–and therefore unpublishable elsewhere–for a time that is of our discretion.
  2. Editable – While we won’t completely rewrite posts, we will revise for clarity, grammatical issues, or length.If your post needs major revisions or clarifications, we might email you.
  3. Interesting Content – We seek content that is fresh and topical, funny and informative. We encourage you to review our latest posts to see what sorts of topics we cover.
  4. Not marketing a product – We will not consider posts that are self-promotional in nature or that include marketing or affiliate links.
  5. Meet Our Writing Style – We recommend you to go through these points before writing the article for us .
  • Article must Contain at least 500 words
  • Article must have a fair use of copyright free images . 
  • The Content must be completely plagiarism free.
  • Not more than 1-2 external links will be acceptable.

To upload your article and photos through email us directly to or contact us with the form given below.